The Constance Bay Community Market is governed by a volunteer board of directors of up to 13 members. The CBCM is managed and operated by the Board, a group of support volunteers and a Market Manager.  Management and all other support activities are contracted by the Board.  The Market Manager is not a member of the Board, but attends board meetings to advise the Board on issues relating to the promotion and operation of the market.

Cindy Pratt holds the position of Market Manager. Current members of the Board follow:

Chair Melanie Paquette Vice Chair Vacant
Secretary / Treasurer Janice Boeyen Director Kevin Pratt
Director Amanda Chapman Director Suzanne Lee
Director Julia Cheeseman Director Sylvia Bell (non-voting)
Director Judy Booth

Board meetings are held at least three times per year or more often if necessary.  The Annual General Meeting is held in January or February of every year and will be publicized via e-mail at least two weeks in advance.  All members are encouraged to attend.